Saturday, September 20, 2008

Emerging Netroots Consensus on the Bailout

The Administration and Democratic Congressional Majority have joined forces to fuck us again.

This post by Rainbow68 should really be in our minds, as we react to the news of a Patriot Act-style bailout plan.

Matt Stoller at OpenLeft asks the relevent question:
"If a Legal Armed Robbery Happens in Front of Everyone, Does It Make a Sound?"

I just read the proposed regulation that Atrios pointed to, and he's right, this is a $700 billion blank check for the Bush administration and the financial elites. Glenn Greenwald notes the pacing of the discourse is identical to the run up to war. The political system is engaged in a massive transfer of wealth to corrupt actors with no debate (except in the foreign press and in the blogs) with no details made public. Furthermore, the Democratic leadership is entirely complicit in what is happening.
I've taken to calling this newest betrayal "AUMF 2.o".

John McCain has completely flip-flopped on supporting the bailout, wrenching himself so hard 180 degrees from his position held just hours ago that he's in danger of snapping his own neck.

Where's Barack Obama? Will this be another episode of FISA betrayal from him?

Sometimes I really wish that Obama had been in the Senate in 2002, but now we all get to see what he'll do with AUMF 2.0.

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