Tuesday, October 28, 2008

At the risk of being self-indulgent

This is another one of my insightful and deserving comments that has been moderated into oblivion:

You would think that in addition to watching the tracking polls to simply see how they're doing that the McCain camp would also use them to determine what's working. The evidence suggests to me that they are absolutley tone-deaf as to what voters are interested in and want to hear. Part of the problem is that the folks who attend their rallies and can get all worked up with the cheerleading and name-calling are not representative voters. They're allowing their base to skew their strategy and hurting themselves in the process.

If you read the text of Obama's speech yesterday he talks at length about bringing people together and encouraging citizen involvment. Michelle Obama graciously declined the opportunity to make fun of Palin's wardrobe situation on Jay Leno.

The message that comes through is clear. One side consists of decent people, the other side, of jerks.


kathy said...

Jay (or whoever). My computer's been very slow, and a couple of times I've had to alt-ctrl-delete to recover my screen. I've discovered that my CPU is running at 100% continuously when I've got a tab open to Swampland. It's running 10% here in the lagoon. (I'm on Mozilla)

When I switch to Mudflats (also a wordpress blog) it momentarily goes up near 100%, but comes right down.

Does this make sense to you as a function of the changes in swampland? This is new. Is this a function of the data mining?

Am I risking something by letting the cpu run at 100% continuously, and needing to take steps to recover the screen?

kathy said...

Jay - I have to revise that. I've just spent some time in swampland without my cpu processing at 100%. Guess is doesn't have anything to do with that. sure seemed to.

have you noticed the times here are pacific? (well of course you have).

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