Friday, October 24, 2008

Swampland Drained Today

Interesting that this had to happen on two of the worst news cycles imaginable for McCain. With Obama out of the picture, he had a  chance to gain some traction, at least a little, and what did he get?
  • A horrible hoax designed to foment racism.
  • A brother abusing 911.
  • His VP demonstrating in so many ways  that she is a phony
  • Endorsements of Obama by Charles Fried, Reagan's Solicitor General and Bill Weld. Republican right and left fleeing the ship.
  • Fingerpointing starting to crack the McCain camp, with more and more past tense references to the campaign from its workers.
Steve Benen has all the details.


karen tumulty said...

Hi, guys. Can't get to Swampland, but I am busy today, traveling with Biden. Posted this on,8599,1853616,00.html

Mr. Nice Guy said...

After almost 24 hours, I see a notice saying that the Time blogs are in "scheduled maintenance."

Ok. But if they were "scheduled," how come no one knew about it?

Anyway, I have hopes we Swamplanders will be back on-line, shortly.

Jay Ackroyd said...

It is kind of funny that they not only didn't announce the scheduled maintenance in advance, but it took quite a while for them to think to post the outage notice itself.

karen tumulty said...

We've changed the combination to the lock on the High Sheriff's liquor cabinet. Things should be fixed shortly.on

Jay Ackroyd said...

Best not to believe tech people who say that.